Welcome to Ascension and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

A welcoming Christian community

A haven for all and a blessing to our community.

“The people were glad because they had quiet, for God brought them to a place of haven.”  Psalm 107:30

Gathering on Sundays and throughout the week, the people of Ascension and Holy Trinity welcome you to gather with us as we wonder, worship and work together to share with our community the mystery of beauty and love that is given us in God who is Creator of all.


We believe this welcome is a sacred responsibility to all whom we meet.

It is the welcome we have all received from God in our Savior Jesus Christ.

It is the welcome we continue to receive in the mystery of God’s Spirit.

And it is in welcoming you that we are renewed. 


Come as you are with all of who you are.

Come with your questions, joys, sorrows, and confusions. 

Come longing to belong and to be a part of something greater than you are.

Come longing to serve and make our community stronger.

Come longing to worship with beauty and wonder.

Come hoping to find a deeper purpose and meaning for your life.

Come hoping to love and be loved.

Come hoping to know God and be known by God.


All are welcome here!

Come and gather with us.