December 1, 2022

Statement from the Bishop of Colorado

Dear Beloved in Christ,
We know that there are those who define and fortify their identity by whom they hate. We also know that many of those same people call themselves Christians. The Episcopal Church in Colorado contends that our identity is defined not by whom we hate but by whom we follow. Jesus did not teach violence or hatred; he taught us to love. At our baptism, we promise to live that love by seeking and serving Christ in ALL persons, by striving for justice and peace, and by respecting the dignity of EVERY human being. The love of Christ extends to everyone, including our LGBTQIA+ siblings and we in the Episcopal Church affirm that truth.
The recent shooting at Club Q is heartbreaking. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families as we hold them in our prayers. We also pray for the shooter and his family, and we pray most fervently for an end to gun violence.